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Phone Contract Expiring in the New Year?

5 Questions to Consider when Investing in Lafayette Internet Phone Service

  • 31 December 2017
  • Author: mtownsend
  • Number of views: 5386
Phone Contract Expiring in the New Year?

Your phone contract may be expiring soon. Do you know the expiration date? It’s possible that your account is on “auto-renew,” and you won’t even know you agreed to another term. Use your hard-earned profits to help grow your business in the new year instead of overpaying for your phone service.

Here are five additional questions to ask yourself before signing on the dotted line.

1.     Are you paying too much?

In a time when everything seems to get more expensive, it’s possible for your monthly business phone bill to decrease (without reducing the number of lines). You might not need to renew a contract to get the best rates. Ask other internet phone service companies in Lafayette, IN, for a bill assessment or competitive quote.

2.     Is your phone company easy to reach and quick to respond?

If the phones are down at your business, you are losing money with each missed call. How long would it take to get help from your current phone company? Or, if you have a question about your bill, do you know exactly who to call or do you have to wait on hold forever? Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it listening to elevator music. 

3.     Do you need to sign a contract?

Contracts have their place in certain areas of business, but not when it comes to the cost of your phone lines. Unfortunately, they’re used in the phone industry as a customer-retention strategy. You need freedom when you’re a business owner. Stop signing phone contracts.

4.     Do you know what your alternatives are?

Technology has advanced and not all phone lines are made equal. You now have more options and don’t have to rely on products/service from national brands. Smaller, more customer-oriented local phone companies are available who provide internet phone service in Lafayette, IN.

5.     Do you want a new phone system?

Renewing your contract can inhibit you from implementing a new phone system. If you transfer your phone numbers and service before the contract expires, you’ll encounter excessive early termination fees.

Use your hard-earned profits to help grow your business in the new year instead of overpaying for your phone service. As an internet phone service company in Lafayette, Indiana, UpLync Communications can help you compare your options and make an educated decision. Give us a call or text us at 765-421-6072.


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