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What the Fax!?! Options for Faxing in the 21st Century – Lafayette, Indiana

By UpLync | October 22, 2019
A Fax machine for UpLync in Lafayette Indiana

When we ask potential business phone customers if they also need fax service, we typically get the same reactions. One involves a cringing face with a reluctant, “yes.” The other is almost always the question… “People still fax?”  Yep.  It’s 2019 and businesses are still faxing. In the last few…

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UpLync Moves Hardware Home

By UpLync | September 23, 2019
close up of servers for uplync wintek

When Lafayette-based Wintek Corporation opened its data center a few years ago, the wheels started turning here at UpLync. We wanted in! The servers running our internet-based phone systems were located in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Phoenix. There’s nothing technically wrong with housing our hardware in those cities, but why not…

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Can I Talk to a Human?! IVRs and Auto-Attendants—Options for Answering Business Phone Calls

By UpLync | August 22, 2019
Image of robot holding phone for UpLync business phone service provider

REPRESENTATIVE, REPRESENTATIVE, REPRESENTATIVE…HUMAN, PERSON, FRONT DESK…HELP!  We’ve all been there. We call a business and need to complete a simple task or ask a question. Yet, the “robot” on the other end of the line makes it almost impossible. You don’t want customers to face the same frustration when they…

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Business Phone Contract Expiring Soon? 5 Questions to Consider when Investing in Lafayette Internet Phone Service

By UpLync | July 22, 2019
uplync communication in lafayette indiana does not have phone contracts

Your phone contract may be expiring soon. Do you know when? 

“I’m not in a contract. I don’t have to worry about that,” you think… 

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Why Isn’t My Business Phone Ringing? Managing Phone Systems in a Digital World

By UpLync | June 21, 2019
phone off hook for uplync lafayette in business phone systems

Changing your company’s phone system requires some planning for a smooth transition. You need to figure out what features you want on each phone, what should happen when a call comes in, who receives the voicemail, and on it goes. The short-term tasks associated with implementation sometimes mask a larger…

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What’s the Difference? Hosted VoIP Phone Systems vs. Traditional Phone Lines

By UpLync | May 29, 2019
Cutting phone cord for UpLync business phone service Lafayette, IN.

Many small business owners don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “Today, I will figure out what new phone system I want!” No, phone systems and service doesn’t typically rise to the top of your have-to-do-now list until something breaks or you get a shockingly high phone bill because your…

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