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Why Isn’t My Business Phone Ringing? Managing Phone Systems in a Digital World

By UpLync | June 21, 2019
phone off hook for uplync lafayette in business phone systems

Changing your company’s phone system requires some planning for a smooth transition. You need to figure out what features you want on each phone, what should happen when a call comes in, who receives the voicemail, and on it goes. The short-term tasks associated with implementation sometimes mask a larger…

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What’s the Difference? Hosted VoIP Phone Systems vs. Traditional Phone Lines

By UpLync | May 29, 2019
Cutting phone cord for UpLync business phone service Lafayette, IN.

Many small business owners don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “Today, I will figure out what new phone system I want!” No, phone systems and service doesn’t typically rise to the top of your have-to-do-now list until something breaks or you get a shockingly high phone bill because your…

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Do Texting and Business Go Together? A Word from Lafayette’s Trusted Phone Company

By UpLync | November 10, 2017
use your cellphone as a business phone with uplync communication

Look around. Whether you’re at a grocery store, restaurant or park bench, you’re bound to see at least one person on a cellphone. People texting and talking on cellphones in public is commonplace today. However, using cellphones at work has traditionally been considered unprofessional behavior. While we don’t advocate employees…

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Evaluating New Phone Companies in Lafayette, IN

By UpLync | September 5, 2017
see how uplync communication in lafayette indiana compares to other phone companies

Think of all the phone companies you know. Let’s see…AT&T, Verizon, Frontier, CenturyLink…is that it? In this scenario, perception isn’t reality. The market has significantly changed, and there are many new phone companies available for businesses. Waiting until your existing phone system is on its last leg or your contract is nearly…

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Communication Is Key – Internet Phones Lafayette, IN

By UpLync | June 1, 2017
see how uplync communication can keep you connected to your customers

It started as an idea that you and a couple of friends had on a night out. It was small and not discussed at length, but the idea excited you. The next day, you decide to do some research and you discover that the idea is viable. After realizing that…

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